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ACIM Solutions is a niche RTO (#41002) offering high quality, nationally accredited training to paid staff and volunteers in the emergency management sector across Australasia. We provide full qualifications and tailored skill sets drawn from the Advanced Diploma of Public Safety (Emergency Management) PUA60120 and the Diploma of Public Safety (Emergency Management) PUA50120.

We also offer a diverse range of practical and interactive short courses to develop leadership and interpersonal skills for those operating in this sector including nationally accredited incident management programs.

We are pleased to have an ongoing innovative partnership with CIFAL Newcastle and UNITAR in the design and delivery of our emergency management suite of programs. This partnership adds significant value to our programs and participants with access to worldwide resources and expertise around the challenges of emergency management and contemporary research on disaster resilience initiatives. Our participants can enjoy streamlined pathways into tertiary education with CIFAL to further their learning goals.

Our customised organisational programs are delivered via virtual learning tutorials, workshops, online, RPL and a blended format.

Our facilitators have extensive expertise and practical experience in emergency management roles.

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