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Aerometrex is an award-winning geospatial tech company that has provided full mapping services to the Australian community for over 40 years. With expertise in aerial data acquisition, management, and distribution, the company has been key to supporting efforts during various emergency events caused by natural catastrophes, as well as pre-emptive management.

The increasing frequency of extreme events, added to urban sprawl, has forced Aerometrex to find ways of responding faster. The company’s “Emergency Capture Program” reduces the burden on response services, by providing accurate data with quick turn-around. This data supports decision-rapid resource deployment for many organisations, directly involved in managing and helping communities recover, including local government, insurance, and infrastructure. It also enables remote surveys and prompts quoting for service providers.

With its own fleet of nine aircraft, Aerometrex can easily mobilize resources to capture high-resolution data of the affected regions and deliver insights within 48 hrs. With its web-based GIS platform, MetroMap, the company can integrate imagery with other critical data and help visualise impact through a singular dashboard. Alternatively, MetroMap’s API keys allow organisations to ingest imagery into their own emergency response platforms as feature data layers.

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