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AFAC is the Australian and New Zealand National Council for fire, emergency services and land management, creating synergies across the emergency management sector.

AFAC is the facilitator and custodian of contemporary fire and emergency service knowledge and practice, for the benefit of our members and through them, the community. AFAC is recognised and has impact as the National Council, through collaboration and influence across Australia and New Zealand. Comprising of 31 Members, AFAC represents a total workforce of around 288,000 career staff and volunteers. AFAC works to promote and facilitate effective national emergency management through the work of the National Council, its committees, activities and programs.

National collaboration is facilitated through the AFAC Collaboration Model, which encompasses 34 Groups, Technical Groups and Networks. AFAC members regularly come together to share knowledge, exchange insights, explore opportunities and create solutions that shape practice and guide the industry’s development.

AFACs approach facilitates and supports engagement, enabling members to jointly consider common challenges, generate solutions, develop doctrine including positions, guidelines and technical notes, and inspire new directions in practice. These activities aim to add value to members, to the fire and emergency services industry and ultimately enhance public safety.

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