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We design, develop and manufacture the best possible laminated fabric according to your need, requirements or specifications. This will include the selection and manufacturing of the required membrane (Polyurethane, Polyester, PTFE membrane, flame retardant membrane…etc).

Our membranes and laminates are used to manufacture technical Personal Protective Equipment such as Firefighter turnout gear and particulate barrier hood. Please find below our solutions:

  • Moisture barrier: designed to have reliable and durable performance, our moisture barriers will enhance wearer comfort through very high breathability while offering no compromise on waterproofness, flame or heat resistance. With various options between polyurethane-based or PTFE based membrane, ALPEX moisture barrier range brings a solution to your needs. Our Moisture Barriers are EN469, NFPA1971 and AS/NZS4967 certified.
  • FR Anti-wicking fabrics: our range of anti-wicking barriers can be offered in full width or pre-cut tapes.
  • Particulate Barrier Hood: We have developed together with DUPONT® a new generation of particulate barrier laminate: NOMEX® NANOFLEX 430 LAM. This solution is the most breathable system with an air permeability higher than 80 L/m²/s without any compromise on the protection (Filtration efficiency 99% according to the ASTM F 2299). Our laminate is EN13911 and NFPA 1971 certified.

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