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Network connectivity in the field can dramatically enhance the efficiency and safety of field personnel and assets in almost every emergency scenario. As a result, delivering 100% uptime for voice, video and data services to field operators has become a key requirement.

Cellular networks (including PSMB) are fundamental to this process. However, there is no circumstance where 100% uptime can be guaranteed by a fixed cellular structure. Ignoring the obvious cases such as underground and remote area operations, loss of connectivity can happen all too easily as permanent infrastructure is lost to floods, fires and other disasters. Mobile cells are difficult to deploy and rely on a star architecture where every client must be in range of the cell.

The solution is to deploy a hybrid approach that seamlessly combines the major data media – cellular and satcoms – with an advanced self-relaying mesh data radio system. Amber Technology has developed and delivered these systems using Peplink bonding routers coupled with Silvus Technologies Mobile Networked MIMO (MN-MIMO) radios. This solution has been delivered and proven in Australia for applications ranging from airborne fire surveillance to urban communications networks to deployable communications hubs. The StreamLC peer-to-peer Android-based PTT solution completes the picture.

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