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Bridger Aerospace was established in 2015, in Bozeman, Montana, USA, as a specialist in aerial wildfire firefighting. In the first year, with an exceptional emphasis on customer service, the company delivered excellent results to the U.S. Forest Service. Bridger Aerospace has since become a leader in the field of aerial wildfire management, offering services to many Government agencies throughout the US to combat wildfires.

In 2019 and 2020, the company has made significant investments to acquire 10 of the safest, most reliable, and extremely capable aeroplanes for Air Attack and Initial Attack actions. Our fleet mobilizes with maintenance service vehicles and certified technicians, all to ensure the mission is a successful one, no matter where it is. With the recent addition of a UAS crew and two Vertical-Lift capable UAV’s, we have extended our capabilities to deliver in the most extreme conditions.

Bridger Aerospace is also unique in its in-house capabilities to provide technology solutions from integrated Counter-UAS systems to sensor integration for aerial surveillance and mapping.

For 2021, we are bringing our expertise and solutions to assist in battling wildfires in Australia. We look forward to serving you.

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