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BushfireLIVE Pty Ltd

Stand – 132

BushfireLIVE is the Australian subsidiary of Alert Wildfire Systems Рthe global leader in dedicated camera networks for fire detection, validation, management, and review. With a decade’s experience working in this space, our platform development reflects the requirements of agencies like Calfire. Our platform provides a live view and situational awareness to fire agencies, first responders, infrastructure owners, and communities. Initial fire detection is provided via the camera vision and also by AI partners using an API. Fire validation using our imagery confirms and locates the detection, including from 000, and allows the immediate despatch of the optimum resource.

In many instances, this will allow aerial assets to contain the new ignition until ground-based resources can arrive and complete the job. On bad fire days, pre-deployment of aircraft helps achieve response times of a few minutes.

All imagery is retained in time-lapse videos and used for review, investigation, training and machine learning.

Our platform is hosted at AWS and the public website is scaled for 10m concurrent views. We use a Rising Connection Peplink solution to provide redundant communication access to our cameras using terrestrial and satellite technologies.

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