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Centurion Fire Rescue Equipment is an Australian owned business manufacturing specialised equipment for Fire, Emergency and Commercial sectors. We manufacture our products to be tough and reliable, just like our Frontline Responders.

Our core products include:

Centurion3000 Vehicle Roller Doors are manufactured to your required size and choice of colour. Built to be durable with the very first door still in service, 20 years on.

ARION Fire Rescue Ladders have been built to comply with the BS-EN1147 International Standard. They can be customised to fit your appliance stowage space and meet ladder extension height requirements.

RapidStow and RapidStow Max Ladder and Equipment Gantries are Australian-made purpose-built Ladder gantries. They provide easy retrieval and stowage of equipment that are stored on top of vehicles.

LadderM8rix ‘Pro Plus’ Ladder Safety Device creates a non-slip surface for the ladder base to be placed when working in wet, slippery and icy conditions. It can also be used on shiny indoor surfaces by using the rubber pad on the back of the carry case.

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