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Denstock Australia

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Denstock is the proud distributor of Magnum, the world’s number 1 uniform footwear brand.

Denstock and Magnum bring the latest evolution in Fire Fighting footwear. Our collection of Type 2 firefighting footwear using fusion textile materials in conjunction with leather.

Magnum firefighting Vulcan Collection is lighter, faster and delivers extreme performance reducing the burden of weight and fatigue during long shifts whilst aiding mobility to the end-user. Magnum has worked closely with Innovative proven suppliers like Vibram, Ortholite and leading FR leather and textile manufacturers. These suppliers have supported the Magnum brand to research and develop the latest technologies within materials, fatigue-reducing solutions and Magnums fit for purpose product lines. The Vulcan Collection is certified to AS/NZS 4821:2014 footwear standards for firefighters. At AFAC 2021, Magnum will launch the world first Level 2 / Wildland 100% non-leather / Vegan Fire boot. The Vulcan Fusion CT CP Wpi is the lightest model in the collection coming at an unbelievable 860 grams.

Our Strike Force uniform boot range is leading the way with innovation and technology over all our competitors in the marketplace.

Our heroes we consider to be uniformed athletes. Those who respond first to action and demand their equipment to perform in the toughest conditions.

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