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The only positive way to let Emergency Services know where you are.

When a fire approaches you’ve got a decision to make. To stay. Or to go.

In the chaotic aftermath of a devastating bushfire with phone communications down and people dislocated, it’s difficult for Emergency Services to know what decision you’ve made when a ‘Leave Now’ call has been made.
Now there’s a simple solution. Emergency Gate Plates – tough steel fireproof plates attached to your gate or letterbox alerting Emergency Services as to your whereabouts.

You’ve LEFT and are out of harm’s way or you’ve STAYED and may require assistance.

The CFA & Emergency Services need this now.

This helps with the efficient allocation of time and resources at a time when both these vital elements are scarce. Time is as important as water in an out of control bushfire. After all, fire fighters have got better things to do than look for people who aren’t there.

For more information see Murray at Stand 567 at AFAC21.

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