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Emergency Management Spatial Information Network Australia (EMSINA) is a vibrant and active group of spatial practitioners in the emergency management sector committed to improving safety for Australians through the use of spatial information technologies to support sound decision-making. EMSINA includes members from State and Territory emergency services, as well as members from Attorney-General’s Department, Geoscience Australia, Australian Maritime Safety Authority, Federal Police, Australian Geospatial Intelligence Organisation, and Bureau of Meteorology.

EMSINA members regularly volunteer their time and professional expertise toward projects that build upon and/or improve Australia’s use of spatial information in emergency management. Since 2009 EMSINA’s presence at the AFAC conference has showcased examples of the use and growing demands on mapping and location technologies.

Through our ‘spatial playpen’ demonstration booth in the AFAC exhibit hall, presentations and professional development workshops, the EMSINA group has used the AFAC conference as our key platform to deliver our Vision of ‘Improved emergency management through the use of spatial information’.

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