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Field Air (Operations) Pty Ltd

Stand – 134

Time is critical in the control of bush fires. Fast initial attack quickly assists in stopping and minimizing the size of a fire. Fixed-wing aircraft can quickly lay down protective retardant lines or suppress fires with foam or gel to slow the spread of bushfires, giving ground crews the much needed time and space to extinguish fires.

Fighting fires is both a battle and a team effort. Meet two members of the aerial attack team:

The Air Tractor AT-802F is built for attacking fires large and small—not only as an initial attack firefighter but also for extended duties supporting ground crews. It combines agility, performance, high reliability, and pinpoint accuracy with a versatility that allows it to operate in difficult terrain.

Equally the RJ85 Large Air Tankers have proven themselves in the Australian fire environment. With a tank capacity of 12,500 litres and a cruising speed of over 700 km/hr, the RJ85 Air Tanker can get to a fire ground quickly and drop a large and accurate retardant line with a selectable coverage level to suit the fire type and stop it spreading. The RJ85 is also capable of gel and foam application.

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