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We are prepared for anything to help anyone, anywhere, anytime to protect the irreplaceable. Our capabilities now go far beyond firefighting.

They include prevention and education, fire, rescue, HAZMAT, protecting the environment, counter-terrorism, natural disaster and humanitarian relief, medical response.

We respond to road crashes, structural collapses and rescues. We are the trusted experts at the scene with respect to hazardous material incidents, decontaminations (such as the Ruby Princess), natural disasters and counter-terrorism.

We assess and secure potentially dangerous sites, making it safe for emergency service colleagues to carry out their roles.

We provide first-class medical response delivering critical life support as the first on the scene.

We educate industry and the community about fire prevention and safety.

Our almost 7,000 firefighters across 335 stations are often the first to arrive at an incident to provide lifesaving intervention.

From Bourke to Bondi and Tweed Heads to Eden, we are ready anywhere, anytime to protect the NSW community.

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