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Fireball.International Pty Ltd

Stand – 558

Fireball.International was founded in 2020 and is an Australian company based on the Sunshine Coast in QLD.

Fireball.International has developed an early bushfire detection system based on the collection and analysis of data from cameras and satellites. Implementation of this system significantly reduces the notification and response time for fire events, helping first responders catch the fire earlier. This method of fast fire detection assists with protecting the community, environment and commercial assets.

Fireball’s machine learning algorithms analyse images from ground-based cameras in real-time, fusing those with up-to-date satellite data. Electronic notifications and digital maps are used to communicate new and evolving fire events to our clients. The ground based system is camera agnostic and works with most of the available cameras in the market – providing fast detection over high value areas. The satellite data is streamed from existing geostationary weather satellites in real time providing high altitude visibility and responses – the optimal capability to deploy for remote and broad area coverage.

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