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FLAIM develops multi-sensory, immersive learning solutions for training in emergency and mission-critical situations.

Developed by a third-generation volunteer firefighter, and backed by 10 years of evidence-based research at Deakin University’s Institute for Intelligent Systems Research and Innovation (IISRI), FLAIM’s solutions incorporate a unique combination of fire science modelling, kinesthetics, haptics and virtual learning environments, making its products the most advanced immersive training solutions in the world.

Economically recreating real-world hazards in safe learning environments is at the core of FLAIM’s product offering.

FLAIM Trainer™ is a fully immersive virtual reality firefighter training simulator with realistic environment scenarios, a patented force feedback system, breathing apparatus, real branches and nozzles, and heated personal protective clothing.

FLAIM Extinguisher™ PASS system uses a combination of virtual environments and a “feels real” extinguisher to educate fire safety trainees.

The newest product, FLAIM Crew™, introduces remote, multi-user collaborative learning that helps build decision-making skills in a procedural setting, such as a mass vehicle accident scenario.

FLAIM is currently developing a system that will map immersive training records to a curriculum, giving organisations the ability to track and report on capability and compliance.

FLAIM looks forward to showcasing its innovative training solutions at AFAC21.

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