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Fraser Fire and Rescue has been producing high-quality fire appliances for Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific regions for almost 20 years. We are a high-tech production engineering company committed to producing the highest quality engineered fire appliances for our customers.

Our staff are passionate about manufacturing, technology and delivering the highest standard of service. Our fire appliances are fully designed and engineered using state of the art technologies, resulting in consistent quality, innovative solutions and value for money. We work in collaboration with our customers to develop superior products, taking into consideration, safety, the environment and reduction of ‘whole of life’ costs. Our range of products is extensive and includes BA seats, hose reels, monitors and roller shutter doors. We believe we manufacture more fire appliance components in-house than any manufacturer worldwide. This ensures we have the greatest control over the supply of components and contracted delivery dates.

Our production capacity is scalable to suit demand and we have proven our ability to deliver to schedule. With operations in both Australia and New Zealand, we have great ability to support and service customers in the larger Pacific market.

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