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FTS began in 1980 with a focus on the fire weather meteorological niche. Since then, FTS has become a leading manufacturer of remote environmental monitoring solutions, instrumentation, communications technology and software for the hydrology, fire weather, meteorology and utility industries. Our solutions form the backbone of some of the world’s most sophisticated and demanding environmental monitoring networks. Our mission is to make our customers successful in their efforts to monitor, record, and analyse changes in the natural environment.

FTS is the world leader in environmental monitoring solutions for fire weather (weather as it applies to predicting, preventing and managing wildfires). FTS solutions are used by 100% of the top 50 government forest management agencies in the United States and Canada. Furthermore, we have established an international partnership with ESS Weathertech, who exclusively distribute our fire weather products and services within Australia and have been for the last 5+ years. Our equipment resides for decades in rugged terrain measuring environmental data that is transmitted back to government and private agencies that use it to make critical decisions regarding fire behaviour.

We pride ourselves on designing and manufacturing the world’s most reliable, easy to use and simplest to maintain weather monitoring systems.

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