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Geoscience Australia’s is the national geoscience public sector organisation. We apply our world-leading geoscience to solve Australia’s most important challenges. We have scientific expertise in understanding and monitoring natural hazards across Australia.

Our authoritative, trusted natural hazard, exposure, vulnerability and impact information as well as our Earth observation, geospatial and location data, is key to providing the national picture to aid planning and preparing for natural hazards, and responding to disasters when they strike.

Our interactive booth will showcase information, advice and services available for emergency services including:

  • science for decisions
  • data that fuels insights
  • innovative tools and applications

We support operational and strategic decision making throughout the emergency management continuum. Our science, data and technology provides a national picture of:

  • when and where natural hazards are likely to occur now and in the future
  • what is the likelihood and intensity of these events
  • what communities and businesses are likely to be affected
  • how vulnerable those communities are to a natural hazard
  • what the impact will be

Geoscience Australia is proud to play a valuable role in supporting Australia’s community safety to strengthen the nation’s resilience to the impact of hazards.

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