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Global Fire Solutions is an Australian owned and operated family business based in Adelaide, South Australia who has proudly served the Emergency Services in Australia and New Zealand for over 20 years.

We are direct importers of hydraulic elevating platforms with heights 17m to 112m from Bronto Skylift Finland, portable to high capacity fire fighting pumps, CAFS systems and accessories from WS Darley & Co. USA, electronic foam injection, pump governors/lighting and tank level systems from Fire Research Corporation USA, monitors and nozzles from Elkhart Brass USA, automotive electronic equipment from Kussmaul USA, polypropylene tanks and bodies from Pro Poly America, ultra high-pressure systems from PyroUHP USA, hydraulic drive generators and PTO’s from Harrison Hydra-Gen USA and portable CAFS and ultra high-pressure modules from EJ Metals USA.

Across Australia and New Zealand, we have gained sound relationships with all Fire Services and OEM’s.

This has enabled us to capture and maintain long term customers who have enjoyed utilising and operating some of the finest fire fighting equipment available.

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