Hatz Diesel Australia

Hatz is a global independent specialist, with small and compact single-cylinder diesel engines with power outputs from 1.5 kW to four-cylinder engines to 56 kW. Our diesel engines are used in all fields of application, such as construction machinery, emergency services, compressors, power generation, commercial vehicles, agricultural machinery and handling equipment. Hatz have been developing and manufacturing engines in Germany since 1904 and are one of the largest manufacturers of air cooled diesel.

Our engines are the first choice of the key specialists in the design and manufacture of pumps for urban and rural fire suppression systems. Whether it is low fuel consumption, long engine life, reliable operation or engines compliant to strict US-EPA and EU regulations covering exhaust emissions Hatz will support your needs.

A new engine family extends the Hatz product portfolio: The H-series. Starting with the 4H50TIC water-cooled 4-cylinder model, the H Series includes common-rail technology and turbocharging. Hatz followed a groundbreaking downsizing approach, making the engine the most compact and lightweight in its class. The H series does not require a DPF filter in order to fulfill the stringent emissions regulation Stage III B in the EU and EPA Tier 4 final in the US

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