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For over 120 years, HELLA has focused on innovation, quality and optimum performance at a level beyond conventional industry standards. HELLA is proud to still be the number one manufacturer of vehicle-specific lighting and a driving force in LED lighting for commercial vehicles. We have also risen to the challenges presented by the recent growth in electronic vehicle systems.

For lighting and electronics products for emergency vehicles, HELLA is among the leading providers globally. With our innovative portfolio, which is optimally tailored to the diverse customer requirements, we continue to demonstrate our technology expertise with the recent release of the Rallye 4000 LED Driving Lamp.

Our portfolio in the lighting area comprises of highly developed optical and acoustic warning systems, beacons and auxiliary lighting systems. In addition, we also have classic lighting solutions available, such as front and rear combination lights.

In the electronics area, among other products, we provide numerous switches, sensors and actuators which ensure safe and smooth vehicle functions. Along with service items such as globes all of which are manufactured to the exacting quality standards you expect when you choose HELLA.

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