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HEROIQ replaces paper-based T-Cards and revolutionises Incident Management Boards with the latest technology while still working 100% offline. Our modern approach to incident management provides ICs and IMTs new insights into their most valuable resource – their crews.

Our apps are built on AiiMS principles in collaboration with front liners and industry veterans to ensure we are fit-for-purpose. Deploy HEROIQ for any bushfire, flood, cyclone, or other natural disaster responses.

Coordinate and collaborate with rural, FRS, SES, forestry and charity teams in the field by seeing skills, capabilities, and appliances at your fingertips. IMTs spend less time on managing cards and searching for information, saving critical time while making decisions.

Our new BattleBoard application enables ICs and IMTs to keep a close eye on crews and deployments, scaling up and down to fit the incident. A new fatigue management system protects crews’ wellbeing, elevates health and dietary information to IMTs, and reduces members exceeding their maximum shift length.

Enhanced digital T-cards showcase new information that enables IMTs to make critical decisions by including shift details, training and capabilities, and health and dietary needs.

Let us show you a new way to protect your crews and leave paper behind.

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