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Established in 1994, HEVILIFT is a leading Fixed and Rotary Wing Aviation Services operator providing charter solutions for the transportation of Personnel and Equipment in a variety of fields.

HEVILIFT has a diverse fleet of Fixed and Rotary Wing Aircraft backed by a highly experienced team. HEVILIFT’s team of management professionals, flight crew, maintenance personnel and support staff are industry leaders in their fields, they provide knowledge, skills, and experience from extensive careers within and beyond the aviation industry.

HEVILIFT provides comprehensive aviation solutions to industry and Governments through a wide variety of operational roles in some of the world’s most challenging terrains

HEVILIFT’s own Mil-8 MTV has been utilised for firefighting projects over the last few years in Indonesia.  This heavy multi-purpose utility helicopter has become HEVILIFT’s most reliable machine for fire suppression. The seemingly endless configuration available on the Mil-8 has allowed the team to tailor a specific load out for this requirement.

Fighting fires is no easy task and keeping them under control within entire forests is as tough as it gets. The HEVILIFT team has been successful suppressing all fires they have faced. HEVILIFT focus on regular planning, and training, to be ready for that call.

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