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Defined by the unique capabilities it offers, the Humanihut Field Infrastructure System (HFIS) provides physically robust, rigid, redeployable infrastructure which has been proven to significantly aid fatigue management for emergency service personnel.

What sets Humanihut apart from its competitors is the unique, folding-wall, pop-up design which provides the ultimate flexibility for usable spaces, and allows up to eight huts to be transported to a site in a single, customised shipping container.

All components and accessories are integrated for rapid deployment, scalability, and ease of establishment using a simple “click and connect” method, which allows the System to work independently without mains water, power and/or wastewater infrastructure.

Each structure is strong, rigid, and climate controlled and can withstand the harshest of climatic conditions. And, having a 20-year lifespan, the Humanihut Field Infrastructure System proves to be more cost-effective than alternatives such as prefabricated buildings and tents.

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