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Hydro Innovations

Stand – 412

Lampo Trailer Makes Emergency Response Quicker & Easier.

A new class of emergency response equipment has just been introduced by Hydro Innovations. It is called the Lampo, from Euromacchine, the new units are trailer mounted multi-purpose machines designed to speed up and simplify the deployment of emergency response equipment for municipalities, emergency services and contractors.

The mobile unit features;

  • Motor & Gorman Rupp Pump Set
  • Generator Set
  • Compressor
  • Light Tower

Ever been in an emergency response situation where you need multiple pieces of equipment collected and transported to the site in a hurry? Do you keep getting calls in the middle of the night with news of emergency response call-outs? Rushing to collect the components you think you might need, requiring multiple vehicles and the staff to drive them, smashing your budget and raising your blood pressure more than you would like?

This cleverly designed unit is rugged and ready to be mobilised wherever an emergency or natural disaster strikes!

Units come with a minimum standard specification, with almost unlimited customisation. The Lampo units can be uniquely configured to suit individual needs and applications, including different size and type of pumps, different size compressors, and a variety of additional useful equipment.

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