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JVCKENWOOD Australia is one of the countries top provider of two-way radio equipment including CB/LRM and P25.

The Kenwood Viking range of radios provides one of the BEST P25 platforms available with many features and options not provided by others. The Armada software not only programs radios but also acts as fleet management, audio recording management and OTAP/OTIP software.

The Kenwood NX-5000 series radio provides a flexible P25 radio also able to operate in DMR and Analogue. With Bluetooth, GPS and Onboard SD card operations provided as standard features at no additional cost.

We also supply a range of in-vehicle repeaters that offer features and flexibility well beyond its cost.

Kenwood P25 terminals are already deployed in many states across the country and work well with all existing P25 networks around Australia.

Contact us to arrange for a demonstration or quote we have representatives operating in all states. We can also provide sample radios for testing if required.

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