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MakMax Australia

Stand – 246

MakMax Australia is part of the Taiyo Kogyo Corporation, the largest tensile membrane structure company in the world. With worldwide offices and fabrication facilities, as well as a cutting-edge R&D testing centre in Japan, the group shares an extensive knowledge and resource base and is committed to the limitless possibilities in membrane architecture.

Research and development is invested in new materials, technologies and innovations at the Taiyo Kogyo testing facility in Japan, including the development of rapidly deployed, air-inflated emergency shelters.

Expandable, flexible and easily transportable, the MakQuick Shelter from MakMax has been specifically designed for emergency services and disaster relief agencies. Suitable for applications such as emergency shelters or central command tents, the negative pressure inside the MakQuick shelter combined with isolation filters also makes it ideal for triage medical tents and communicable disease assessment or mass vaccination centres.

Modular in design, multiple MakQuick tents can be joined together to create a larger protected area. A front chamber, inner covers, isolation filters and an air-conditioning unit can be attached to the unit to provide greater comfort inside the shelter.

The MakQuick Shelter is available exclusively through MakMax Australia.

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