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MYSTERY RANCH designs and manufactures game-changing backpacks for the firefighting, military and hunting communities. From the classic Hot Shot pack to the new Double Dragon Hose Pack, we build packs for users, not dreamers. Mission-specific gear is our tech driver; mission-driven users are our customers.

Load Carriageā„¢ is the cornerstone of our design philosophy; it’s at the core of what makes MYSTERY RANCH packs different. We specialize in building packs that adapt to awkward and changeable loads. In designing premium Load Carriageā„¢ and long-haul durability into our packs, we don’t focus or obsess on the weight of an empty pack because, frankly, no one carries an empty pack. Instead, we concentrate on how the pack feels and carries when it’s fully loaded.

We guarantee everything we build against defects in manufacturing and material for the practical lifetime of the product. We will happily offer repair or replacement for issues with materials or craftsmanship. Damage due to wear and tear or misuse will be repaired for a reasonable charge.

Please visit our distributor Sea to Summit at AFAC21 to see our latest packs.


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