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For over 75 years, Nederman has constantly lead the way with fume and dust extraction around the globe.

Nederman understands the importance of 100% removal of diesel exhaust fumes, including diesel particulates, that are emitted from fire engines whilst they are in the fire station with their engines running. These emissions from a cold-start engine can reach toxic levels in only a matter of minutes within a closed building.

Nederman exhaust extraction systems, designed specifically for emergency vehicles, remove the exhaust fumes right at the tailpipe, which is the most efficient extraction method No one better than Nederman can create the most optimal solution for sound, safe and ergonomic Fire Stations.

From Nederman you get the most comprehensive solutions fulfilling the latest standards and leading technologies.

We help you all the way – from planning, design and commissioning to maintenance and service support.

Over 100,000 installations in emergency stations around the globe make us second to none.

• Exhaust extraction directly at the tailpipe
• Multiple solutions available 
• Easy and ergonomic connection of suction nozzles 
• Automatic and safe uncoupling of suction nozzles when vehicles leave the emergency station 
• Quick exit from emergency stations

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