Neothane Inc.

Neothane is a Canadian company that has developed and patented a unique product, MAGNASEAL, that will IMMEDIATELY stop hazardous materials leaks in vessels such as rail cars, chemical storage barrels, pipelines and other ferrous containers. Our magnetic mats are flexible yet incredibly strong and can conform concavely as well as convexly, holding back a tremendous amount of pressure.

Our mats can be applied single-handedly and in seconds! As well, our mats can be thrown at a distance to keep the responder’s exposure to the product at a minimum. Because our Magnaseal products can be applied so easily, it will help responders minimize environmental contamination, as well as loss of product. Our products come in various sizes ranging from 8inch to 36inch so they can be customized to individual company’s needs.

Another unique product offered by Neothane is our MAGNETIC SEWER AND DRAIN COVERS. This thin yet flexible mat can be applied in seconds and helps prevent contaminants from going down drains and sewers and polluting the local waterways. The magnetic seal of the cover stops it from being washed off the sewer.

Magnaseal is the safest and most effective and efficient way to stop hazardous material leaks.

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