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Why install aluminium replacement safety panels?

Plastic panels are commonplace on most modern-day commercial vehicles, however they have proved to be inadequate in situations of extreme heat and wear.

We have created a solution to this problem in the form of exact fitting reproductions of the original plastic parts in lightweight aluminium. Fitting them to a vehicle is a onetime investment which will reduce the risk of injury and vehicle losses due to personnel not being able to access the vehicle due to heat damaged panels.

During the life of many appliances, plastic panels have been repeatedly changed. This not only entails the cost of repainting but replacing decals or logos door handles and various panels.

Our panels have been designed and manufactured with input from state fire engineering services and from representatives from the truck manufacturers. We also cater for various design requirements of individual States and services.

For many years Newlans panels have been in use with most brigades in Australia.

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