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Founded in 1919, Norman G Clark is an Australian owned and operated business with a long and remarkable history serving the Australian Industry for 100 years. Norman G Clark manufacture, import and distribute an extensive range of diesel engine accessories, industrial equipment and off-road products to suit a wide range of industries. Our brands include Horton, Nexen, Nett, Oblan, ADL Insulflex, Ogura, Suco, American Cooling Systems, to name just a few. For supporting the AFAC fraternity we specialise in ADL Insulflex protective materials for Fire and Rescue Vehicles together with Oblan Air Pre-cleaners and Nett Technology.

ADL Insulflex Aerostyle PyroJacket is the most certified protective sleeve with a maximum temperature rating of 1650 °C and leads the market in high-quality temperature solutions. Our range of Oblan Air Pre-cleaners combines the security of a primary and safety element with an efficient dynamic pre-cleaner available in one compact single-connection package. Nett Technology offers a range of 3 Way Catalytic Converters to suit Honda, Kawasaki, Kohler and Briggs / Stratton SSI Engine applications providing high-performance reductions of CO, HC and NOx in gaseous fueled/gasoline engine applications.

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