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NSW Telco Authority (NSWTA) is responsible for the Public Safety Network (PSN).

Next to Australia’s triple zero emergency hotline, the PSN is the most important critical communications network in NSW, and one of the largest of its type in the world.

The PSN provides the platform for two-way communications for emergency services and other network users via radio handsets and other devices.

During disasters, NSWTA works with emergency services and telecommunications carriers to protect communications assets relied on by frontline services and communities to ensure continuity of services.

Our purpose is to work together to keep people and places safe across NSW.

Our booth will feature visual displays from our Telecommunications Emergency Management Unit including a ‘fly away’ kit that allows personnel to set up a mobile office anytime, anywhere. We will also demonstrate the PSN in action with a CoW (Cell on Wheels) from our fleet of mobile sites, a radio rack display, and a live dashboard of the network. The booth will also feature information from NSWTA’s Critical Communications Enhancement Program. This key infrastructure program is expanding the footprint of the PSN and represents the largest investment in critical communications by the NSW Government in two decades.

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