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PT Rescue is synonymous with Quality, Commitment, Service and Customer confidence. We are the Australian and New Zealand Distributors for brands such as Lukas, Vetter, CTD, Crash Recovery System and AWG.

We have over 35 years of experience in the supply & service of fire and rescue equipment. We ensure that customers receive the most advanced and reliable tools on the market, and that value is provided throughout the full product lifecycle. We pride ourselves on unparalleled after-sales service & support, including:

  • Service & Maintenance programs that can be provided either on-site or in-house. This helps to ensure that whole of life costs are reduced and downtime is minimised.
  • Training packages that provide operators with the latest techniques and information.

Our market-leading brands continue to evolve, delivering innovative tools and services to Fire and Rescue Industries. This is no more evident than with the Lukas EWXT Range – the latest generation of eDraulic battery Road Crash Rescue Equipment tools now capable of operation whilst submerged underwater.

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