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Rising Connection is Australian based and servicing the region with close to a decade of mission-critical wireless and wired network connectivity solutions for our partners and clients.

We design, engineer and develop secured, encrypted, and reliable IP communications transport for critical personal, data, video and audio, overcoming terrestrial obstructions, performance lacking options and privacy concerns for this sensitive cyber world.

We enable Australia’s harsh environment first responders to focus on their tasks while ensuring robust, fault-tolerant communications and data connectivity essential to their performance. We provide fully privatised and secured network channels for sensitive information sharing to all vested partners. Finally, we are exceptional in enabling and scaling new and existing networks to the performance requirements of each program, or project, effortlessly and reliably.

Rising Connection is proud to be a discrete partner in government, security, energy, maritime, construction, education, enterprise, commercial retail and private network solutions.

Contact Rising Connection today for a complimentary consultation in heterogeneous wireless, 4G, 5G technologies, and realise how we can enable your business or program to do more; we are the Solution Architects of yesterday, today and the future.


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