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SmartBar, part of the ARB group of companies, is leading the way in developing the most innovative and safest vehicle protection systems in the world.

For over 25 years SmartBar, has designed, engineered and manufactured polymer products for applications in Automotive, Four-wheel drive, Agricultural and Marine industries.

Operating from a large-scale headquarters in South Australia, SmartBar, are well known for their lightweight, superior impact-absorbing protection systems. Designed and engineered to fit specific vehicle makes and models inclusive of modern sensors, our products are individually designed to include front, rear and under-vehicle protection systems. Suitable for common vehicles, the SmartBar range is always evolving and developing to keep up with the new makes and models of these vehicles.

At SmartBar, safety is at the forefront of our development process. We work closely with the emergency services, mining and utility sectors to ensure the products we produce meet the utmost highest standards in safety and technology.

When choosing frontal and rear protection for your fleet, don’t compromise with heavy alternatives that weigh down your team, your vehicles or possibly your safety rating.

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