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Power to take charge of your mission

TracPlus has proven experience supporting those in high-risk industries such as the military, air medical and rescue, firefighting, and the energy and utilities market. TracPlus is the only solution that allows emergency services and first responders to have a single view of the truth, providing transparency and unremitting security for our customers.

TracPlus allows operators to track, manage and coordinate their assets and personnel safely and effectively, offering real-time tracking, messaging and reporting for aircraft, drones, vehicles, vessels and personnel.

Through TracPlus, data can be shared between different businesses or organizations to ensure seamless collaboration, whether in an emergency or for contractual work. Operators can also use a tracking and messaging hardware of their choice, and send this data to TracPlus to present it. This offers complete visibility over air and ground-based resources, irrespective of tracking provider or who the assets work for including corporate providers, government agencies, volunteers or military.

All of this information is then presented live on a modern, cloud-based platform — so you know the location and status of your assets, anywhere, anytime.

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