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A global leader in trauma simulation products and services for preparedness training, TraumaSim Group have been strengthening the capability of medics and emergency response teams around the world since 2008.

Our products and services allow students to train repeatedly in a safe and controlled manner whilst immersed in a realistic simulation that replicates the physical, procedural and cognitive pressures medics and emergency response personnel will face in a real-time situation – significantly improving muscle memory and training outcomes whilst enhancing casualty care and ultimately saving lives. Australian owned and operated, TraumaSim Group were the creator of the world’s first Emergency Tourniquet Trainer which was proudly developed for the Australian Defence Force. Our task trainers have featured in research around reducing the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and have also resulted in awards recognising the training programs they are implemented in.

We offer bespoke product design and the option of 11 different colour pigments, allowing trainers to promote diversity plus create an immersive learning experience relevant to workplaces and risks. Our passion is realism in training and our goal is to eliminate preventable pre-hospital fatalities from trauma-related injuries via the use of simulation in all emergency response training.

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