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Trident Plastic Engineering (TPE) is symbolised by our very recognisable Trident Logo. The logo not only represents the 3 very distinct divisions of our business.

1. Fabrication
2. Machining
3. Polyurethane Casting

It also characterises the 3-Pronged Approach we employ through all facets of our business.

1. Understanding
2. Consultation
3. Delivery

With 24 staff, and a network that spreads across the globe we have a knowledge bank that is both vast and accessible. Our capacity to Understand applications is matched only by our willingness to Consult, whether that be within our own team, or externally through our global network. Our objective is to always Deliver the best possible outcome to our clients.

These philosophies will be on display when TPE unveils its new Emergency Services Sandbag Filling KIT at afac21.

This KIT is unique in that it eliminates the WHS issues related to the traditional manual bag filling techniques while improving productivity by up to 5 times. The ease of its function will be demonstrated daily on the live deck, in the form of a punter’s participation demonstration.

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