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Working On Fire – Prepare, Protect, Preserve.

We create optimised fire management & mitigation systems for asset owners and communities across Australia and the Pacific regions.

Our systems include:

  • real-time detection
  • mapping & customised intelligent geo-reporting
  • a network of expert firefighters

FireHawk system uses satellite, 360-degree high definition digital cameras and deep learning to monitor assets, transmitting critical real-time information back to base. Captured data is analysed by our fire management teams & firefighters.

FireHawk unique data analysis differentiates between fire, smoke and glow, raising a pre-qualified alert, enabling appropriate & immediate resource dispatch.

Working-On-Fire implemented AUSTRALIA’s FIRST AI Detection systems. Operating across South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania & New South Wales; we look forward to demonstrating FireHawk’s superior data collection and reporting capabilities. We provide you with the data and the teams required to make informed decisions, that will empower your organisation to efficiently protect and preserve your assets and communities.

We support asset owners, managers and communities with our early detection technology, FireHawk & our experienced on-the-ground fire crews. With our proven track record in fire management, we are your trusted partner in fire mitigation, incident management and forest management services.

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